Vraca Memorial Park

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A unique witness and symbol of suffering of Sarajevo citizens in World War II. It was built on the grounds of an Austro-Hungarian fort from the 19th century which was used by Nazis and their followers to host a terrifying execution of innocent citizens of Sarajevo, mostly Serbs and Jews.

In 1981, more than 11 000 names were inscribed in the walls as a memory of the victims of fascist terror at numerous execution sites and concentration camps solely because of their origin or religious or national affiliation. The names on the sad list include the names of 1 100 babies and children. Since most of the victims are buried on unknown places, Vraca was the only place where their loved ones could commemorate them.

During the last war, Vraca Memorial Park suffered severe damage, and after the war due to the neglect of the authorities who did nothing to repair it, the devastation continued.

Today, it is partially revived and everyone can come and enjoy the magnitude of this majestic landmark, read the names of the victims and bring them back to life at least for a second.

The park stretches through both Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska so by taking a walk through this park you get a unique opportunity to cross an invisible border that divides the people of the same nation.

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