Tito’s secret tunnels

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You all know about the Tunnel Of Hope, but are you ready to hear about a system of tunnels, miles long, that go through the Trebević mountain all the way to the top, which the government has kept secret for decades?
Tito himself ordered the tunnels to be built, in secret, just after the World War II. They were designed and built as military bases, once hidden by barracks and concrete pillars, and guarded by soldiers. So called radio-relay hubs were built around Yugoslavia to ensure a communication network in the event of war or natural disasters. During the construction of these tunnels, local population was concerned about the frequent shaking of the ground, not knowing that those were actually explosions during the digging of the hill and the construction of a military tunnel or base.

Sarajevo hides three military tunnels – Trebević, one under Sunnyland, and one at Debelo Brdo above the Jewish Cemetery. During the last war (1992-1995) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they were used by Serbian soldiers, but after the war their interior was devastated, and today, neither Sarajevo, the government, nor the Internet can give you much information about their existence.

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